Monday, May 23, 2011

Hooray to Long Weekends

Great long weekend thus far, even though it's almost all gone.  Got a great OUTDOOR run in on Sunday morning.  Woohooo to that! I much rather run on the treadmill, but it wasn't so bad actually.  Also got a few walks in too.  

This morning made the yummiest smoothie for breakfast for Marty and I, my very own creation of course:

- 1 frozen banana
- 1/2 cup of frozen rasberries
- 4 ice cubes
- Chocolate flavored Boost for Diabetes
- 1 cup of skim milk
- 1 heaping teaspoon of almond butter
- 1 teaspoon of ground flax seed

It turned out sooooo yummy...and totally filled us until lunch time.  I will defintely make it again.

The chocolate Boost REALLY made the smoothie I believe.  There is nothing wrong with adding those types of things once in a while. 

This week should be a busy week, working at A/E tomorrow night and possibly Wednesday, and also Thursday.  Lots of hours, equals extra money. 

This coming weekend, going to Barrie to visit our very good friends the Lees.  So very much looking forward to seeing them...yay!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekends all over, that sucks, or does it? I had a pretty good week this week when it comes to my health and eating and my arse to the gym all week, except Tuesday of course because of that crazy ass bootcamp I did on Monday, see previous post.  Even though I was SOOO sore all week, I still went and managed to run for 10 mins straight on the treadmill followed by an additional 10 mins of walk run...good times.  That was Wednesday...Thursday got in there and worked equally as hard with 40 mins of cardio, weights and abs. Now Friday I didn't work out in the gym, but I did come home to almost 2 hours of alone time since Marty worked late, so as my dinner was cooking, I managed to get my ab workout done, and 25 mins of the bike we have in our apartment.  So not bad at all. 

I planned on taking Saturday off due to the fact that I worked at A/E so I wanted to rest and get ready at my own pace.  I had every intentions on getting up Sunday, making a smootie and hitting the gym...but that just did not happen.  I was out late last night for a friends birthday, Happy Birthday Suzie Q...was a fun night.  I allowed myself a beer...which really wasn't that great...and got a Buffalo Chicken I really should have asked to have the dressing on the side, and I usually would ask...but I forgot...and the chicken fingers that were all sauced up and put on the salad, WASN'T very clean, but I ate I feel bad about it, fuck ya...and then to top it off, today, I went for Indian for lunch, buffett Indian food, yup, overate again...what's done is done and tomorrow is a new day. 

I blame no one...but what I will tell ya is that it will delay my always does...To whomever reads my blog...I know I'm only human, but don't do what I do...keep your eye on the prize, most day I do...but I'm a food-adict and always have everyday is a challenge for me...I slip's like being an Alcoholic, right, you try and get through everyday without having a drink, it's hard and it's just pray you don't slip up...and when you are tempted and you fight and win, you feel so proud of want to celebrate...and for my celebration ='s a fucking catch 22...the ole, You're damned if you do, or Damned if you don't...

Ah well, I'll get it someday...until then, I'll workout and Eat Clean to the VERY best I can...I wanna reach my goal so bad, and it scares me so bad to think that I might not.  I get scared to go places sometimes because I'm scared there's gonna be delicious food that I'm not going to be able to say no to...I think of that often..I'm not one to stay home, but I just want to be able to say No and not think about it anymore...I guess that will come. 

Anyway, I should go...gonna watch a movie and then hit the sack...Monday is right around the corner...back to work tomorrow..yay!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aye Carumba!!

Ok, so yesterday on my lunch I participated in a Boot Camp Challenge with my Fitness Challenge team at work.  It was in Vic park, right across the street from my work...pretty handy I'd say.  Holy crap, I guess I didn't know what I was in for...cause today I am a hurtin' unit...damn...I guess it didn't help my cause that I thought I was a hero and worked out after work for an hour an half as well...ya, big mistake...because today...I can barely Correction...I CAN walk, but it's a slow one...HAHA I have to laugh though...I'm so glad I did it though.  Made me realize that, shit, I can step this up a notch...a major notch...So...that's what I'm going to do...Lunges, Squats, more running and spider crawls, or whatever the fuck they called that nasty ass move...hahhaah

Even though my thighs are screaming I feel good.  I am a star...with a Black Dress on...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Shout out to my girl Amanda!

Job well done to my girl Amanda and her friend Stacey for running their first 1k...Good Job girls!!

You know, I've been getting lots of positive feedback from my friends and family.  I've gotten Facebook messages saying I'm inspiring people, which honestly shocked the shit out of me...Me, inspiring someone else is NOT something that I ever thought I could do, really, it's not.  But I will tell ya, it feels pretty good.

This past week was very challenging for me, coming back from a vacation where I was nothing close to faithful to my new Clean Eating life.  I did manage to get 3 workouts in, and a couple of classes, which I'm happy about.  The eating was a bit harder...

Tomorrow morning is grocery day, I can't wait...getting all my clean treats and stocking up on fruits and thing I am really looking forward to is...SMOOTHIES...That's right my friends it's SMOOTHIE season...Check out these 2 smooties from one of my bibles, The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook.

Simple Sunshine Smoothie
1/2 cup of non fat cottage cheese
1/2 milk - Skim, Soy, Almond, rice, goat or any milk of your choice
1/2 tsp good quality vanilla
1 scoop of protein powder of your choice, vanilla or chocolate\
1 orange, peeled
1 tbsp of wheat germ
handfull of ice

Puree and ENJOY!!

Here's another,but for breaky this time!

Breakfast in a Blender

1 scoop of protein powder of your choice
1/3 cup of dry oatmeal
2/3 cup of water or milk of choice
1 tbsp natural almond butter or any nut butter of your choice, choose natural it's better for you.
1 frozen banana, or fresh
2 tbsp of unsweetened applesauce
1 tbsp flax seed, ground or whole seeds
t tbsp of wheat germ
1/2 cup of ice cubes

Blend the heck out of all of this

275 calories, 8g protein, 3g fat, 55g carbs (all good carbs) 6g dietary fiber

Enjoy...and if you make this, please let me know what you think!

Thank you to all my friends and family who take the time to read. I love you! 

Tomorrow morning 10am, I'll be at Cycle!! Wooohoooo!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Hmm, what happened?

The post is a bit of a contradiction to my last post.  Yes, I did finally hit my 20lbs mark...actually it was more like be exact.  Then vacation happened...a 16 hour drive to New Brunswick for a week happened, Ham and potato dinners happened, Spaghetti night happened, AMAZING seafood chowder happened, bread and lots of it happened, beer and liquor about loosing control eh!  Ya well I'll never let that happen again.  Because now I doesn't take long or doesn't take much when you loose sight.  Fuck, it almost happened over night. 

It crossed my mind a few times as I stuffed my face, "It's ok, it's only one right" HA!  One... led to alot of crap going into my pie hole...and a fuckin' pie hole it was this past week.  Ouuff..I'm glad to be back. Not to say I didn't enjoy my trip home, cause I did.  It was so nice to see family, get spoiled with amazing dinners and great see my dearest friends and gather and have a few sociables like the good ole was super freakin' awesome.  But I kinna lost sight, took my eye off the prize so to speak.  I have learned my lesson.  So much so that I gained 4 pounds while on vacation.  Yup, you read that right, 4 FUCKIN' Pounds...Arg!!  I couldn't believe it...but then why wouldn't I...I mean shit, I ate like crap and only really exercised serves me right.

 THAT, will not happen again.  No friggin' way...So today I got my ass to the gym after work...started with 10 on the eliptical, 20 on the treadmill with a Run/Walk, Arms and finished with 10 on the Spin bike...and tomorrow right back at 'er...Abs class on my lunch, then on the Spin bike or Treadmill. 

While I was home, I got LOTS of amazing, positive compliments and feedback.  It felt great...and I was able to sport my new skinny jeans on a night was great and I felt great.  I was starting to feel pretty excited, if my friends and family have all these amazing things to say now...Imagine when I come home in August again.  I am soooo challenging myself to have lost a total of 50lbs by August...I so do that and I will do it.  I can't wait to come home and show off my new body...I'm so worth it. 

Eye on the prize, eye on the prize, eye on the prize....I want it so bad I can taste it...and it tastes nothing like a ham dinner...nothing like it!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

20 lbs

I'm gonna take for all it's worth.  

The feeling I feel:

-Self worth
I have been working hard.  Some days are harder than others.  I eat clean 90% and then there is a 10% of "dirtyness".  But that's ok.  I am a human, I'm not a robot.  I like Chocolate, I like Chicken Wings but I LOVE my Breakfast Fruit and Nut cookies from my Eat Clean cookbook.  So there IS a happy medium.  I'm the same person, but my choices are different.  Actually maybe I'm a little bit different.  Now I know I can do it.  Not that I ever doubted myself.  But it's the first time that I am ever successful in weightloss doing it all on my own.  Not to diss the programs out there.  I did Weight Watchers years ago, did it work for me, yes, for a little while.  But I lost my mojo...I didn't keep my eye on the prize, so to speak.  Oh but not this eye is on it...I haven't looked away, not for a moment.  

So today is a good day for me.  I am going to take it, and keep it tight in my hands.  I look forward to the next 20 or 30 or 40...I've come this far, why stop now right.  I have nothing to loose really, except 70 fucking pounds...!!!!! Really...yes, really! 

Oh and for the record, my ASS is sore from that Cycle class...but I love it...I love being sore, it reminds me how hard I worked.  I love that sweat was seeping out from my neck and running down my back, it reminded me of how hard I was pushing myself.  Today I did an Abs class, then a Yoga class right after...those classes remind me of what I need to do to win the prize.  It's all falling exactly where it should.

Keeping my eye on the prize and a sweet prize that will be!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I did it!!

I finally managed to get to my very first cycle class...and I LOVED it!!  I can't wait to go again.   For the first 10 mins, I was like, ok, this isn't too bad...I have done the cycle bike several times during my workouts, so so far so good...then after that first 10 mins, that was it.  "Pick UP Speed!!!" the instructor YELLS...Ya I'm telling ya she was yelling...then it was like, "Fast as you can, C'MON"  I felt the rush..I was given 'er all I got...then it was up hill, then she said something about sand bags, no clue what she meant but all I could do was peddle, all know is I was following everyone else...didn't even realize my butt was no longer on the seat and that I was peddling standing up...then down...then faster, butt up and then sit down... and then slowing down...don't forget to drink...then "Pick up the speed again people!!!" ok, you get the jist of it.

It was great, and I'll deffinetely go again.  Possibly even Saturday morning actually.  That class just rocked it for me and I am so pumped again...I feel like I got my mojo back!

To give you an idea of what the class might have looked like...see below.

So another fun little tid bit...I finally got a few pics of my new kicks that are here to stay.  Working out well for me, very comfy and compatible with my orthotics which is very convenient.  I've always had a shoe fetish, but now it's been taken to another level.  I want a new pair of runners for each day of the week.  I can't get enough...of course that will not happen as long as I'm  But it's fun to dream.

Here are my new Puppies.  :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back to the grind tomorrow - Monday.

Well it's Sunday night and I'm taking inventory of my weekend.  I must say we got lots done, as in, errands and running around.  As for physical activity on my behalf it was next to none really.  Well ok that's a lie, I did the bike here at my apartment tonight for 25 mins.  I also did a bit of walking, so not entirely I horrible lazy weekend.  Can't wait to get to the gym tomorrow though.  I'm going to do an Abs class on my lunch and possible Yoga, I haven't been to a Yoga class in a while, I really do believe I need it.  My right calve has been so tight and sore, I truly believe a good strtch is what I need.  Not to mention my right foot has been so sore...this Planters Faciitis ( ) has been killing me.  But I have finally found and invested in a new pair of runners...I went with New Balance again.  Stay tuned for photos.  I like them and I'm happy with them.  I wish they would have had the Sauconys I tried about a month ago..they were perfect but of course were gone.  Ah well...
Well, I wanted to post today cause my last post was a bit discouraging.  Thank you for the support Jan and the comment.  You know I want to be honest with my that's why I open up.  I want to share my challenges and how it can really trying sometimes to stay motivated and keep your eye on the prize. 
When I first started to Eat Clean, I was gung ho...I feel as though I'm loosing for of my mojo...but then when I think about how far I've come, and the 18 POUNDS I've lost...I feel my fire being to light again.  So I'm going to say it again, Keeping my eye on the prize!!  I have a wedding to attend in June then possible in August...and I am going to wear that, green, purple, multicolor, yellow...or black dress...I don't care what color is it, as long as it's little!
Thanks to everyone who reads...I've been told I am inspiring...that's not something that I have ever thought I could do for others.  So that makes me really happy...I am going to keep going and going...thank you for letting me inspire you...You know who you are...
Ok, it's Sunday I'm going to bed.  Getting ready for a great week of fitness and motivation...I'm going to do it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I messed up tonight

So today I tried my first Aerobox class.  Ok, holy was awesome.  Very high intensity cardio, well, for me it was.  I REALLY enjoyed it and will definetely go back again.  I had every intentions on going back to the gym after work today, but my right foot was throbbing and I really would not have been able to do much more.  So I walked home instead and had a early dinner with my husband.

So we made a trip to the Dollar Store to pick up a few things we needed.  Then went down the junk isle, mistake #1...what did I do that for...?  I grabbed a Bueno bar, 2 wafer bars in a package = 240 calories, 16g of fat, 21g Carbs and 18g of Sugar...Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously...I have no clue why I grabbed it...I saw, I grabbed, didnt even think twice about it.  

Ok, so we get home...talking about how we have 2 small jars of salsa in the fridge.  Then laughed because we do not have anything to dip in the salsa.  We couldnt just leave it at that and have some salsa on eggs in the morning or topped on a salad...of course not...I walked up to the fucking Valuemart and get a back of tostitos...Mistake #2.  

As I sit here and watch the Biggest Loser...I am thinking about my day.  And how f-en pissed I am at myself.  I got on the bike for 20 mins earlier.  But thats just not enough.  So after this I am getting back on and gonna bike until the end of Biggest Loser, shower then go to bed.  

I know tomorrow is another day, but I just dont know why I did that.  Ya I really didnt need to chocolate and chips and salsa, but I didnt even think twice about it and thats what scares me.  I need to get to the bottom of this.  I really do.  

I hope my next post is more positive.  I will make sure it is.
There's something to say about believing in yourself and letting others believe in you.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

No fun no fair!

Well you can just disregard the last post...I had to return my runners!  They were really awesome but a half size too small.  Wednesday night I tried them out...which by the way, running on the treadmill was a fuckin dream...I ran for 8 mins straight! No was like I was running in memory foam.  What a I managed to get my entire workout in, including my weight training, then I walked home in them just to be sure.  And yes, when I got home my feet were being squished together at the bottom.  I knew as much as I LOVED them, there is no way I could keep them.  I need comfort if I'm gonna start running outside...not blistered feet.  Remember the feeling after skating for a few hours, after taking off your weird your feet felt...that's how I felt when I took them off.  Booooooo!  So back to the drawing board for running shoes.   That's ok though, I love shopping for runners!  I told my husband I want to own 5 pairs of runners! LOL He laughed at me, of course.  Maybe when they come back to Costco, I'll grab the 9.5's at first glace!  I won't miss out next time for sure! 

Ah well...whatever.

So good workout yesterday.  I'm finding it a challenge to get that 60 mins of cardio in daily.  I work 'til 4 most days, sometimes 415p, then by the time I get down to the gym and change, it's already 430p...I've been 45 mins in, it's just after doing my cardio I really want to get a good weight session in not to mention Abs.  Abs are a after doing all that, it's just after 530p....then I have another 30 min walk home...I guess essentially my walk home could count in that 60 mins couldn't it.  lol  I never really thought of that. there ya go.  I like to leave the gym around that I'm home for 6pm to have dinner with my husband.  He shouldn't have to have a later dinner just cause I'm working out right?! 

So I'll be getting my measurements take tomorrow.  I'm excited and a bit nervous too.  I had one week that I feel I sorta fucked up.  The week we had the pup...I didn't work out.  And I'll tell ya I felt it.  I felt like shit all week, tired, annoyed and to be honest a bit deppressed.  Weird eh.  My body used to getting that exercise and when I wasn't working out I just didn't feel like myself.   I totally get it now!  I really do. 
My life has changed, my decisions are taken more seriously.  Well, when it comes to what I put in my mouth.  Some days are harder than others, but the result I'm seeing are so good.  And you know, I FEEL awesome...and I owe it all to The Eat Clean Diet.  I do, honestly, Tosca Renos books, her blog, her site...has motivated me to find me.  I know it might sound cliche, but all these years of just eating and over indulging did NOTHING for me...but keep me out of the clothing stores I love, being envious of friends and other people life and fitness.  Thank god I am outgoing and pretty confident, even at 260lbs.  Cause I would have been a lost cause.  The one thing about me and being fat was that I still love myself, I know I'm am/was a good person, and I know I am loved my others.  But when I look in the mirror and old pictures I don't see who I really am.  I can't wait to see the reflection of the real me. 

She's coming...she'll be here soon! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

I like my new kicks...Adidas it is!

I ended up going with Adidas.  Not that I don't like Adidas...I haven't worn Adidas in years actually.  I went with them because Costco had a sweet pair for $36 bucks.  And the Sauconys I wanted were $100, so I figured I'd get the Adidas now and later on get the Sauconys...a girl can't have too many pairs of sneakers right...they count as shoes!

They're very comfy. I got a 9..usually I take a 9.5, but the 9 seem to fit.  We'll see how it goes...can't wait to get on the treadmill tomorrow to test them out!

Here they are...Tada!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bring on Monday

As you know, or you may not, but Monday is my least favorite day of the week.  I can assume that I'm not the only one who feels this way.  I don't know, it's just tough to be off work for 2 days in a row then have to start all over again.   You forget about what you left behind at work, or on your desk the whole weekend, then Monday, you have to see it realize it's still there, no one came and took it away like you hoped...Whataya do?

Ok, so Monday is my day to begin my change in workouts.  I will be increasing and decreasing in different areas.  I'm looking forward to more challenges.  I think I might do a Yoga and Abs class on my lunch as well as my afterwork workout.  I want to maximize every second I can get in the gym.  

I can't wait to be able to buy some new clothes, I just can't wait!

It's a short post today, I wanted to type something as I sit here and watch a special on the comedy network about Greg Giraldo the funniest fuckin' comedian my opinion.  What a guy!


Friday, March 25, 2011


It's Friday, Friday, Friday! 

It was really good to get back into it.  Can't wait to work my ass even harder next week.  This is what I managed to get it for workouts this week;

Monday: 40 mins of Cardio on my lunch. (Eliptical and Bike)
Tuesday:  45 mins of Cardio (Bike and Treadmill) 15 mins of Abs, and a really good stretch session.
Wednesay: 45 mins of Cardio (Treadmill and Bike) 15 mins of Abs, Triceps and Biceps (20mins).
Thursday: 15 mins on the Spin Bike, and a 20 min Ab class on my lunch.
Friday: Off

My goal for next week is to up my Cardio to 60 mins.  I feel I need that to maximize my workouts.  I will also increase my weight and decrease my reps to get the most of my weight training.

Tomorrow I plan on hitting the gym again, I'm not sure what time, because I have some errands to run.  I'm looking forward to it.  And something else I'm looking forward to is break the 20 pound mark.  I'm so close I could fuckin' taste it!  C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon...

I have an announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to sent a shout out to my VERY good friend Erin...WAY TO GO GIRL...10lbs the wind!  Damn, I'm proud of you! We are gonna surpass our goal...and when we do look out...!   We're in this together, remember that!  

Treated myself today...I bought a gorgeous Spring/Summer coat.  It was a bit pricier that I would normally spend on a coat, but I just LOVE it and have been eyeing it for about 2 weeks now.  I know it must look good because my husband actually said, "Ya looks really good"..."You think you're classy or something" LOL  That's his way of saying I look good in it! God love 'em!  Stay tuned, I'll post a pic!! 

Feelin' good! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'mmmmm Back for good!

Fuckin' hell life has been INSANE the past week and a half.  But I'm back, and it's sorta back to normal.  Boy oh Boy do I have some news for you...down another..well...I can't remember what I posted last time and where I was then...but as of today, March 23, 2011 - Down 17 lbs since January 1, 2011.  That makes me VERY happy...bring on the big 2-0!
Tomorrow morning, back to my fruit and Oatmeal breaky that's for sure. This past week has been a challenge for me.  We tried to adopt a dog, which just didn't work out.  It was a very sad time for me.  But she is in a great home with loving people and LOTS of space to play.  All is well that ends well!
So back to "My eye on the prize" now!  Worked out Monday on my lunch, Tuesday after work and today after work.  Feeling good!
Besides that...I'll be getting my measurements taken again real soon.  Holy shit, I can't wait.  I am starting to REALLY notice how loose my clothes are fitting now.  Get a load of this...dug out 3 brand new pairs of dress pants that were in a suitcase above my closet...haven't worn any of them in years...And yup, they all fit...a teeny big snug in the waist, but fuck who cares, I'm not uncomfortable and I have 3 new pairs of pants to where to work now! Preeettyy awesome!!
My friend Chrys signed us up for a Cycle class next Friday.  That's something I have been wanting to try for a long time and I'm finally gonna do it.  I can't wait.  She's done a class and loved I'm pumped! I want to also say how freakin' awesome she's doing with the gym and taking her fitness to another level! Kuddos to you girl, keep it up...we'll get there! And when we do, look out! :)
Life is good is good!  Even though we did get more of the fuckin' disgusting white stuff..I've been wanting to start running outside but waiting for the ice and snow to be gone.  So I might have to wait a little longer.  I did manage to get out for a run with a couple of my colleagues, Loraine and Karen.  We did a few laps around Victoria Park on our lunch, it was chilly but it felt so good.  Can't wait to get out there and just give it!
Oh another exciting milestone and positive...a little spring jacket that my friend Jodi bought me a while ago, actually just before our wedding to be exact, cause it was the colors of our wedding, brown and fits.  Back then it wouldn't quite zip, well it did, but it was WAY too tight, now, zip and there is room! CELEBRATION!!  I went into the Running Room on my lunch to look for one of their running jackets, but the service SUCKED...thank god I came home and tried that jacket on again, cause now I can use it and save my money for a new pair of runners! YES!!

I'm thinking Saucony this time.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Victory is MINE!!!

So here we are, March 1st...the first day of the 3rd month of this new year...also My wonderful husbands 35th Birthday! Happy Birthday honey...that's all you got of this post...! :)

So first off I would like to say, Wooohoooo!!!!!!  I was measured I do every month and I am doing soooo gooooood!!!  Ok so here goes:

Chest/Bust - Same
Natural Waist (2' above navel) - Down 4.5 inches
Hips @ Fullest - Down 2 inches
Hips @ top of pelvis - Down .5 inches
Thighs @ fullest - Same

Down 5lbs

Another really really really exciting thing...I tried on a few pairs of dress pants and a suit jacket that I have had for a few years now, no joke, it's really been a few year.  So Sunday morning after my workout and shower I decided to take down the suitcase that I had full of clothes (some winter and some that didn't fit right now) and go through what might possibly fit.  So 3 pairs of dress pants and a suit the jacket doesn't fit 100%, but it will though, soon enough.  But 3 pairs of brand new fun is that!!!  So I purged 3 pairs of old pants that were too big for me, and will donate to a Community house to someone who might need them.  

How's that for victory?!?  It feel really great I'll tell ya.  I want more for the month of March, and I'll get it!  One thing I want to mention, is a huge huge huge thank you, to those who took and take the time to write me and tell me I'm inspiring them! You know who you are...seriously you have no idea how that makes me feel.  I am so happy that I can inspire you and give you the drive and light that fire under you ass!  Keep reading and keep commenting...even here on the blog, if you have something to say, comment...if you have any suggestions or ideas or workouts that you want to share...please let me know.  I want to keep my blog 100% I am willing to tell all.  I have lived my 31 years being the most honest person I can.  Those who know and love me know that!  

Thank you again to everyone for your amazing support and positive words! I love you guys!!!

Here is a little funny to go along with the Title of this post!  Victory is MINE!!!!  Whooo ha ha ha!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something to blog about...

Well I thought I'd jump on the scale's been a little while, so why not right.  I had a good weekend, over all.  Worked out Saturday, a really good workout too...Sunday off and Monday was a stat and I ended up taking that day off too.  So anyway here goes...down 12 LBS since January 1st!!  That's right...12 fuckin' pounds man..I'm so pumped!!  All my hard work is paying off...I have reached 10 and beyond...there's no stopping me...
I have another goal...I want to run a 5k Summer.  Yes, I want to run a 5K by Summer.  You know, I have set this goal before...and gave up.  This time I'm not giving up.  I will run a 5K by Summer.  I will run a 5K by Summer.  I will run a 5k by Summer.
I can't wait to Weigh in next week and get my measurements taken again.  I want to intensify each month like it's nobodys business.  I can't do this.  I will do this.  Success is what I want.  It's been a long enough struggle for's mental it's physical...and I want to set it all free.  
Today when I saw on the scale that I was under 250...I raised my arms up all alone in the change room.  I was so proud, I felt emotional.  All the way home, my walk is about 20 or so...I felt myself tearing up a little.  I will not give up and I will not let anything or anyone get in my way.  I've realized that weight loss is a fight, a fight with your inner self.  It really's about kicking the bad habits of yourself, essentially.  I am c'mon I have 25 years of bad habits.  I can blame my parents for always making me eat everything on my plate...sure.  I can blame my mom and grandmothers for always making food that was so tasty, but full of fat....But I won't.  You are the only person who controls what goes in your mouth.  You can choose an alternate...I didn't grow up with major food rules.  If I would have preferred a salad, I could have had it.  But I choose the meat and potatoes...and gravy, lots of gravy.  
Not anymore...! That's right people....Success is what I want, I don't want to fight my inner self anymore and I WILL run a 5k by Summer...then I'll go out and buy a Black may not be as little as I want it, but you know what...that'll come, I know it will! That's one thing I am sure of.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well middle month it is.

I cannot believe it's already the middle of February.  I am still working really hard towards my ultimate health and fitness goal, which is essentially...Weight Loss and to feel good! 
I'm not gonna lie, the past 2 weeks have been a bit challenging and I am seeing myself not as disciplined as I was.  Not that I'm going hog wild, but I am 'treating' myself a little more than I am worthy of.  I'm not sure why I am letting things slip lately, but I'm gonna stop it right now.  I can't stop this fight right now.  I am doing too was my rest day.  But tomorrow back at her...I really do love working out.  So I'm not quite sure where this slip up came from.  Anyway, it is what it is.  And tomorrow is a new day.
I have been trying the Spin bike in my workouts the past week.  I am working up the mojo to do a Cycle class.  I'm looking forward to that.  I have also decided to put the Pump class on the back burner...I find I am so sore for days after, and it really puts a screws on my workouts for the rest of the week.  So Tuesdays Body Pump class is a no go for a little while.  But that's ok, I will make it up with other stuff. 
Tomorrow is Wednesday...I can't wait to get back to the gym.  I have managed to kick up my run time on the treadmill as well.  I have been walking 1 running 2 to 3 mins...then back to walk for 1 to 2 mins, then run again.  I love it...I can't wait to run my first 5K someday soon.  Maybe by summer, ya just never know! 
So that's my post for today.  I know I haven't posted much, it's been quit busy at home and work.  I will try and post more though. 
Peace out!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another day another post...

Gawd, I don't know what's wrong with me...I keep forgetting to update my blog...well not really forget, but I get all caught up at night with everything else...and when I realize, Shit I need to post, I'm so f-in tired that I just go to bed.
So yesterday after work, I managed to get 60 minutes of cardio in.  Ohhh nelly I was fuckin' pooped I tell ya...the last thing I want to do on this journey is injure myself...and last night I felt my left thigh was in alot of pain...luckily this morning it wasn't.  That's the last thing I want to do it hurt myself. 
So everything is going so well.  I feel great...and you know what, funny thing, I'm loving my workouts!  Really...I am.  It's funny how life is sometimes eh.  I was saying to a friend the other day, why in the world couldn't I have dug this mojo out before I got married.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adored my dress...but it would have been nice to get a "Skinny" dress.  I guess that wasn't the way things were meant to be.  And right now it when I was suppose to discover this new healthier, active version of me.  I'm still me, you can bet your ass...just me with a twist! hahaha That's right...a Twist...!
Today, February 9th - I managed to get 1 peices of whole wheat toast with yummy almond butter down for breakfast with a small glass of soy milk, as well as a glass of water.  My morning snack was 2 eggs, hardboiled of course.  For lunch I had left over whole wheat couscous, with grilled beggies and a banana.  This afternoon for my snack, I have either, an Apple or Grapefruit with my almond mix.  And I'm thinking we're having pork for dinner with a veg. 
My activity at the gym today will be, 30 mins of Cardio and will be doing arms tonight as well as Abs.  We have some running around to do tonight, so my cardio will be a little less.  I'm ok with that since I got 60 mins in last night.  I always count my walk home too on top of what I do at the gym, cause it's exercise...and it's usually about 20 mins.
This weekend I have to make some Clean snacks...we're running out and getting a little sick of the same ole...I thought I'd better get to changing things before something bad Chips...Chips is bad...and need to be stopped!  :)  Thank god my mojo kicks in when I see them...well...I guess that's all she wrote for today feeling good and to your Health!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ok, Ok here it is!

Well my hard work has FINALLY paid off....7lbs down...1 month.  AND got my measurements taken yesterday and down inches from head to toe.  I forgot to bring my notebook to work today, so I don't know exact, I'll post exact digits from last month and this month tonight when I get home. 

Just to give you an idea;
Bust down
Waist down
Hips (at fullest) same
Hips (at pelvis) down
Thighs down

It feels so good to know that all my hard work is paying off.  You know, it's a bit surreal.  Not to sound all cliché and shit...but when you work towards a goal, so many many's hard to believe that it's finally working.  I have quit so many times...went back to my bad habits, and this time I just wanted to see if I could actually succeed...and you know, I have.  I might have only dropped 7lbs, but I now know that I can do it...don't get my wrong, I am VERY happy with I should say "only".  But you know what I mean.  It's a good feeling and I can't wait to see 7lbs more gone.

I'm tired this morning, and I have a headache...uck! 

That's it for now!


Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday...last day of the first month of 2011

I can't believe...1 month in to a brand new year.  1 month down, 11 to go...fuck! I can't say I want to the to slow down too much...but I mean, c'mon...I want to be able to blink at least 5 times before the day has come to an end.
Ok so today I walked to work...25 mins...wowsa it was a cold one...Holy shit, I had to stop at the Royal Bank on Richmond to warm up my legs...they were pickin' some bad.  I had my oatmeal for breaky...with raisins and a touch of honey...I was so busy at work that I forgot to have a morning snack...I know I know, Tsk Tsk!  Lunch was yummy....I had a salad which contained, Cauliflour, Cucs, tomato and Tofu...1 egg and 2 egg whites, with a Olive Oil/Balsamic dressing.  Then I had a banana...was tasty!  Afternoon, coffee with skim milk and fruit, and for dinner...BREAKFAST...Eggwhite omellette (Mushroom, Red onion, tomato) 2 peices of toasted 100% Whole Wheat bread with Almond Butter and a glass of Soy Milk, unsweetened.  Evening Snack: Regular tea, with Soy milk and a touch honey, with a Eat Clean Fruit and Nut cookie. 
So all in all, a good clean day.  I did work out afterwork....20 mins on the Eliptical and 15 on the foot was really bothering me today, so I decided to take it easy. 
I got a new pair of Nikes.  I LOVE them...I tried to check the Champs website to see if there was a pic, but couldn't find one.  So I will take a photo and post in my next post. 
Well I should hit the hay...I'm sorta tired tonight...
Night all!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It was a loose week, but I made it!

Yippee...I made it.  It started off reeeaallll good with a excellent lunch time work out and after work workout as well...Tuesday I found myself at a Body Pump class on my lunch...good class, but it fuckin' killed me for the week.  Even though I knew that I'd be sore the next day, I still pumped through the class...I woke up Wed morning, quite surprised...I was sore, but no nearly as sore as I thought I would I went to Abs and Yoga on my lunch that day...but it wasn't until Thursday when the fuckin' shit hit the fan...OMG!!  Burn isn't the word...Oh and I forgot to mention on Wednesday I helped Jodi out for the second year with the homeshow, so I walked around the Western Fair show buildings for 3 hours.  So essentially a 3 hour the end of the night my legs were pretty stiff...hard to go up and down stairs.  So as I was saying...OMG...Thursday was a was my rest day, thank god...I don't think I could have done anything....ouff...still managed to put in another 3 hour walk...Friday morning woke up and was still so sore, I had to skip my workout. 
So that brings us to today...yours truly, Saturday...had every intention to make it to my very first Cycle class...but my poor husband was sick as a dog, and I had to do laundry and a few errands and missed the class.  That's ok though, this afternoon I went and got an hour and a half wasn't busy, so I managed to get some free weight training in rather than used the machines like I normally do. 
So all in all, got 4 workouts in and feeling alright.  Was a bit bloated some Thursday a little visitor if you know what I mean...uck! 
I had a pretty Clean week too...except today...I ate Pizza...yes, I did it...2 peices.  It's over and done with...and won't happy again for at least a month or so, I say that because my husbands 35th birthday is coming up and we will be going out for dinner.  Not to say I won't choose a clean meal...just saying it might be half and half...!  By then I'm hoping to have seen some results on the scale that I'm happy with.
I get my measurements taken Feb stay tuned for that. 
Ok, so I'm off to put laundry away, make the bed and dye my hair...oh ya and ice my foot..damn you Planters Ficiatis (sp?) 

Here's a tidbit in case you don't know what what it it:

Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia. Longstanding cases of plantar fasciitis often demonstrate more degenerative changes than inflammatory changes, in which case they are termed plantar fasciosis.[1] The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band of connective tissue originating on the bottom surface of the calcaneus (heel bone) and extending along the sole of the foot towards the five toes. It has been reported that plantar fasciitis occurs in two million Americans a year and 10% of the population over a lifetime.[2] It is commonly associated with long periods of weight bearing. Among non-athletic populations, it is associated with a high body mass index.[3] The pain is usually felt on the underside of the heel and is often most intense with the first steps of the day. Another symptom is that the sufferer has difficulty bending the foot so that the toes are brought toward the shin (decreased dorsiflexion of the ankle). A symptom commonly recognized among sufferers of plantar fasciitis is increased probability of knee pains, especially among runners.

 So there you have it! Tidbit compliments of Wikipedia and images from Google.
I'm out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's meeeee again!!!!

Ouff what a day!  I kicked my fitness up today like a freakshow...Oh yeah!  So I did a 60 minute Body Pump Class on my lunch, yay for me!  Then after work I went back down to the gym and did my 40 minutes of Cardio, then walked home, another 20 minutes! Fuck, I'm on fire...I feel so good.
I have decided not to step on the scale until February.  I'm stressing myself out with not seeing numbers and normally I would feel so discouraged and give up...Yup...I would just give up in the past.  But that was the past.  I have been doing so well that I just can't give up.  I know that I have been weight training as well as cardio and muscle does weight more than fat.  So that's what I'm going with.  I mean, shit, we all read it right.  So I'm gonna just believe it and go with it!
Tomorrow, Abs and Yoga...I'll gonna be nice to stretch it all out.  I'm sure I'll be so sore already from today's Yoga will be just the thing I'll need!!

Here's a tidbit.

Build Muscle to Lose Fat – Fat vs Muscle Diagram

The great fat vs muscle diagram below paints a clear picture of why it's so important for you to build muscle in order to lose fat.

Maybe you've wondered about muscle vs fat and why you need to build muscle to lose fat, look slim and keep the inches off.

Well, look no further! With the fat vs muscle diagram below you'll see why healthy permanent weight loss requires you to build muscle to lose fat.

However, many women are afraid they'll "bulk-up" if they build muscle.

And since muscle weighs more than fat, they think they'll look bigger instead of slim and trim, which is their weight control goal. But as you can see from this fat vs muscle diagram, it's just the opposite.

Plus, as far as bulking up is concerned, it's hard enough for men to bulk-up and they have much more of the natural hormones necessary.

Fat vs Muscle Diagram

The facts are clear. The best way to lose fat and look slimmer is to build muscle. Since one picture's worth a thousand words, here's 5 lbs of muscle vs fat of the same weight. Notice 5 lbs of fat is three times bigger.

This means that if you were to build 5 lbs of muscle and lose 5 lbs of fat, you would weigh exactly the same, but look smaller and firmer.

So imagine if it were 25 lbs or 50 lbs of lost fat vs muscle gained.

This is why it's possible for you to lose fat inches when exercising, yet show no change in scale weight. And can you see how firm the muscle looks compared to the lumpy, tapioca pudding consistency of fat?

Build Muscle to Lose Fat Benefits

Although daily physical activity, like walking, swimming and aerobics are essential to good heart health and weight management, combining muscle building weight training with cardiovascular exercise, gives you an unbeatable combination to lose fat and keep it off permanently.

Of course it takes a few weeks before you see any measurable changes. But you'll start to build muscle, lose fat and burn more calories from the moment you begin weight training. Building muscle helps you:

1. Burn more calories. Unlike fat, muscle beefs up your metabolism to help you burn more fat and calories throughout each day.

2. Improve appearance. When done properly, strength training can greatly improve your posture and help to prevent joint pain.

3. Build confidence. Strong muscles and joints increase your level of confidence in your abilities to perform many lifestyle activities.

4. Prevent injury. Strength training can build stronger muscles and more limber, flexible joints, which play a crucial role in preventing injury.

5. Increase bone density. Weight bearing activities improve your bone density and reduce bone loss. This helps to prevent osteoporosis.

The latest research shows that weight training combined with aerobics is the best way to build a strong, firm, slender body and keep it that way.

So, if you want to look and feel better than ever, you need to build muscle to lose fat. Just use the fat vs muscle diagram above for inspiration and find yourself a qualified professional to help, so you don't hurt yourself.

Then go for it and stick to it on a regular basis!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm backkkk...and for good this time!

Yes, that's right, I'm back...!!  Happy New Year 2011!
I know it's has taken me a while to come back...I trying to figure my shit out.  It took me a while, but I think I got it...and this time for good!
So here goes...
As of January 2, 2011 I have begun my journey of Eating Clean.  My forever journey it is.  And honestly I cannot be more happy about it all.  Tomorrow will be 3 weeks of Eating Clean, it has been a good journey thus far.  I am not prefect, but you know who no one is. 
I thought I would take a different approach this time.  Since I have tried over and over to loose this godforsaken weight, it usually doesn't take me too long to get discouraged, then eat something to screw it all up..then I would usually feel like shit and give up.  NOT this time.  I am taking it one day at a time, and I am not putting a ton of pressure on myself like I usually would.  I am going to try and make the best choices and decisions I can, if I slip and fall, then I will get right back up.  I will not hate myself for slipping, because it happens to everyone, it does.  I will just jump right back and get it right for the next time.  I won't make excuses anymore either...and haven't been.  I have control in everything I put in my mouth...if I decide to eat something "dirty" then I will have to live with the consequences, and that's that!
I must say I feel so good.  I have been working out 4 times a week as well.  Trying to get my 40-60 minutes of Cardio in with each workout, as well as rotate my days of legs and arms.  I am focusing on a few classes a week as well.  My goal is 1 Yoga class, 1 Body Pump, 1 Zumba class and 1 Cycle class per week. I will also try and hit an Abs class on my lunch whenever I can.  I am so excited to reach my goals to then create more! 
I am on a get Healthy and Fit...!
Please check out  It's an amazing website with tons of amazing information, tips and inspiration! I can't live without it, I log on a few times a day!
I promise to post more...I can't wait to fill you in on how I am doing.  I will post some amazing recipes too that I have been trying.  So please stay tuned for some GREAT news and updates! I am so excited to share everything....