Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekends all over, that sucks, or does it? I had a pretty good week this week when it comes to my health and eating and my arse to the gym all week, except Tuesday of course because of that crazy ass bootcamp I did on Monday, see previous post.  Even though I was SOOO sore all week, I still went and managed to run for 10 mins straight on the treadmill followed by an additional 10 mins of walk run...good times.  That was Wednesday...Thursday got in there and worked equally as hard with 40 mins of cardio, weights and abs. Now Friday I didn't work out in the gym, but I did come home to almost 2 hours of alone time since Marty worked late, so as my dinner was cooking, I managed to get my ab workout done, and 25 mins of the bike we have in our apartment.  So not bad at all. 

I planned on taking Saturday off due to the fact that I worked at A/E so I wanted to rest and get ready at my own pace.  I had every intentions on getting up Sunday, making a smootie and hitting the gym...but that just did not happen.  I was out late last night for a friends birthday, Happy Birthday Suzie Q...was a fun night.  I allowed myself a beer...which really wasn't that great...and got a Buffalo Chicken I really should have asked to have the dressing on the side, and I usually would ask...but I forgot...and the chicken fingers that were all sauced up and put on the salad, WASN'T very clean, but I ate I feel bad about it, fuck ya...and then to top it off, today, I went for Indian for lunch, buffett Indian food, yup, overate again...what's done is done and tomorrow is a new day. 

I blame no one...but what I will tell ya is that it will delay my always does...To whomever reads my blog...I know I'm only human, but don't do what I do...keep your eye on the prize, most day I do...but I'm a food-adict and always have everyday is a challenge for me...I slip's like being an Alcoholic, right, you try and get through everyday without having a drink, it's hard and it's just pray you don't slip up...and when you are tempted and you fight and win, you feel so proud of want to celebrate...and for my celebration ='s a fucking catch 22...the ole, You're damned if you do, or Damned if you don't...

Ah well, I'll get it someday...until then, I'll workout and Eat Clean to the VERY best I can...I wanna reach my goal so bad, and it scares me so bad to think that I might not.  I get scared to go places sometimes because I'm scared there's gonna be delicious food that I'm not going to be able to say no to...I think of that often..I'm not one to stay home, but I just want to be able to say No and not think about it anymore...I guess that will come. 

Anyway, I should go...gonna watch a movie and then hit the sack...Monday is right around the corner...back to work tomorrow..yay!

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  1. As hard as it is, slip ups happen (it's called life... LOL)! And as hard as it is, you can't beat yourself up over it! Just dust yourself off and get back at it!
    You will reach your goal, have faith in yourself (cause I have faith in ya)!!