Monday, May 2, 2011

Hmm, what happened?

The post is a bit of a contradiction to my last post.  Yes, I did finally hit my 20lbs mark...actually it was more like be exact.  Then vacation happened...a 16 hour drive to New Brunswick for a week happened, Ham and potato dinners happened, Spaghetti night happened, AMAZING seafood chowder happened, bread and lots of it happened, beer and liquor about loosing control eh!  Ya well I'll never let that happen again.  Because now I doesn't take long or doesn't take much when you loose sight.  Fuck, it almost happened over night. 

It crossed my mind a few times as I stuffed my face, "It's ok, it's only one right" HA!  One... led to alot of crap going into my pie hole...and a fuckin' pie hole it was this past week.  Ouuff..I'm glad to be back. Not to say I didn't enjoy my trip home, cause I did.  It was so nice to see family, get spoiled with amazing dinners and great see my dearest friends and gather and have a few sociables like the good ole was super freakin' awesome.  But I kinna lost sight, took my eye off the prize so to speak.  I have learned my lesson.  So much so that I gained 4 pounds while on vacation.  Yup, you read that right, 4 FUCKIN' Pounds...Arg!!  I couldn't believe it...but then why wouldn't I...I mean shit, I ate like crap and only really exercised serves me right.

 THAT, will not happen again.  No friggin' way...So today I got my ass to the gym after work...started with 10 on the eliptical, 20 on the treadmill with a Run/Walk, Arms and finished with 10 on the Spin bike...and tomorrow right back at 'er...Abs class on my lunch, then on the Spin bike or Treadmill. 

While I was home, I got LOTS of amazing, positive compliments and feedback.  It felt great...and I was able to sport my new skinny jeans on a night was great and I felt great.  I was starting to feel pretty excited, if my friends and family have all these amazing things to say now...Imagine when I come home in August again.  I am soooo challenging myself to have lost a total of 50lbs by August...I so do that and I will do it.  I can't wait to come home and show off my new body...I'm so worth it. 

Eye on the prize, eye on the prize, eye on the prize....I want it so bad I can taste it...and it tastes nothing like a ham dinner...nothing like it!!!

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  1. Go T Go! You enjoyed yourself...that's what matters most. AND you got right back on that treadmill. I'm so proud of you!!!