Thursday, March 31, 2011

No fun no fair!

Well you can just disregard the last post...I had to return my runners!  They were really awesome but a half size too small.  Wednesday night I tried them out...which by the way, running on the treadmill was a fuckin dream...I ran for 8 mins straight! No was like I was running in memory foam.  What a I managed to get my entire workout in, including my weight training, then I walked home in them just to be sure.  And yes, when I got home my feet were being squished together at the bottom.  I knew as much as I LOVED them, there is no way I could keep them.  I need comfort if I'm gonna start running outside...not blistered feet.  Remember the feeling after skating for a few hours, after taking off your weird your feet felt...that's how I felt when I took them off.  Booooooo!  So back to the drawing board for running shoes.   That's ok though, I love shopping for runners!  I told my husband I want to own 5 pairs of runners! LOL He laughed at me, of course.  Maybe when they come back to Costco, I'll grab the 9.5's at first glace!  I won't miss out next time for sure! 

Ah well...whatever.

So good workout yesterday.  I'm finding it a challenge to get that 60 mins of cardio in daily.  I work 'til 4 most days, sometimes 415p, then by the time I get down to the gym and change, it's already 430p...I've been 45 mins in, it's just after doing my cardio I really want to get a good weight session in not to mention Abs.  Abs are a after doing all that, it's just after 530p....then I have another 30 min walk home...I guess essentially my walk home could count in that 60 mins couldn't it.  lol  I never really thought of that. there ya go.  I like to leave the gym around that I'm home for 6pm to have dinner with my husband.  He shouldn't have to have a later dinner just cause I'm working out right?! 

So I'll be getting my measurements take tomorrow.  I'm excited and a bit nervous too.  I had one week that I feel I sorta fucked up.  The week we had the pup...I didn't work out.  And I'll tell ya I felt it.  I felt like shit all week, tired, annoyed and to be honest a bit deppressed.  Weird eh.  My body used to getting that exercise and when I wasn't working out I just didn't feel like myself.   I totally get it now!  I really do. 
My life has changed, my decisions are taken more seriously.  Well, when it comes to what I put in my mouth.  Some days are harder than others, but the result I'm seeing are so good.  And you know, I FEEL awesome...and I owe it all to The Eat Clean Diet.  I do, honestly, Tosca Renos books, her blog, her site...has motivated me to find me.  I know it might sound cliche, but all these years of just eating and over indulging did NOTHING for me...but keep me out of the clothing stores I love, being envious of friends and other people life and fitness.  Thank god I am outgoing and pretty confident, even at 260lbs.  Cause I would have been a lost cause.  The one thing about me and being fat was that I still love myself, I know I'm am/was a good person, and I know I am loved my others.  But when I look in the mirror and old pictures I don't see who I really am.  I can't wait to see the reflection of the real me. 

She's coming...she'll be here soon! 

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