Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Victory is MINE!!!

So here we are, March 1st...the first day of the 3rd month of this new year...also My wonderful husbands 35th Birthday! Happy Birthday honey...that's all you got of this post...! :)

So first off I would like to say, Wooohoooo!!!!!!  I was measured today...as I do every month and I am doing soooo gooooood!!!  Ok so here goes:

Chest/Bust - Same
Natural Waist (2' above navel) - Down 4.5 inches
Hips @ Fullest - Down 2 inches
Hips @ top of pelvis - Down .5 inches
Thighs @ fullest - Same

Down 5lbs

Another really really really exciting thing...I tried on a few pairs of dress pants and a suit jacket that I have had for a few years now, no joke, it's really been a few year.  So Sunday morning after my workout and shower I decided to take down the suitcase that I had full of clothes (some winter and some that didn't fit right now) and go through what might possibly fit.  So 3 pairs of dress pants and a suit jacket...now the jacket doesn't fit 100%, but it will though, soon enough.  But 3 pairs of brand new pants...how fun is that!!!  So I purged 3 pairs of old pants that were too big for me, and will donate to a Community house to someone who might need them.  

How's that for victory?!?  It feel really great I'll tell ya.  I want more for the month of March, and I'll get it!  One thing I want to mention, is a huge huge huge thank you, to those who took and take the time to write me and tell me I'm inspiring them! You know who you are...seriously you have no idea how that makes me feel.  I am so happy that I can inspire you and give you the drive and light that fire under you ass!  Keep reading and keep commenting...even here on the blog, if you have something to say, comment...if you have any suggestions or ideas or workouts that you want to share...please let me know.  I want to keep my blog 100% honest...so I am willing to tell all.  I have lived my 31 years being the most honest person I can.  Those who know and love me know that!  

Thank you again to everyone for your amazing support and positive words! I love you guys!!!

Here is a little funny to go along with the Title of this post!  Victory is MINE!!!!  Whooo ha ha ha!

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  1. Love it, love it!!! Good on you!!!! Love you T! You've inspired me to get my ass into the gym this morning. ;)