Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I messed up tonight

So today I tried my first Aerobox class.  Ok, holy wow...it was awesome.  Very high intensity cardio, well, for me it was.  I REALLY enjoyed it and will definetely go back again.  I had every intentions on going back to the gym after work today, but my right foot was throbbing and I really would not have been able to do much more.  So I walked home instead and had a early dinner with my husband.

So we made a trip to the Dollar Store to pick up a few things we needed.  Then went down the junk isle, mistake #1...what did I do that for...?  I grabbed a Bueno bar, 2 wafer bars in a package = 240 calories, 16g of fat, 21g Carbs and 18g of Sugar...Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously...I have no clue why I grabbed it...I saw, I grabbed, didnt even think twice about it.  

Ok, so we get home...talking about how we have 2 small jars of salsa in the fridge.  Then laughed because we do not have anything to dip in the salsa.  We couldnt just leave it at that and have some salsa on eggs in the morning or topped on a salad...of course not...I walked up to the fucking Valuemart and get a back of tostitos...Mistake #2.  

As I sit here and watch the Biggest Loser...I am thinking about my day.  And how f-en pissed I am at myself.  I got on the bike for 20 mins earlier.  But thats just not enough.  So after this I am getting back on and gonna bike until the end of Biggest Loser, shower then go to bed.  

I know tomorrow is another day, but I just dont know why I did that.  Ya know...like I really didnt need to chocolate and chips and salsa, but I didnt even think twice about it and thats what scares me.  I need to get to the bottom of this.  I really do.  

I hope my next post is more positive.  I will make sure it is.
There's something to say about believing in yourself and letting others believe in you.

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  1. Ah T, another day is gonna dawn and you'll make better choices my dear. Don't beat yourself up so much. We all have bad days. Just remember my email...about creamy garlicky hummus and crispy sweet carrots...delicious apples with mmmm almond butter. ;) Stay strong love. YOU CAN DO IT!