Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I did it!!

I finally managed to get to my very first cycle class...and I LOVED it!!  I can't wait to go again.   For the first 10 mins, I was like, ok, this isn't too bad...I have done the cycle bike several times during my workouts, so so far so good...then after that first 10 mins, that was it.  "Pick UP Speed!!!" the instructor YELLS...Ya I'm telling ya she was yelling...then it was like, "Fast as you can, C'MON"  I felt the rush..I was given 'er all I got...then it was up hill, then she said something about sand bags, no clue what she meant but all I could do was peddle, all know is I was following everyone else...didn't even realize my butt was no longer on the seat and that I was peddling standing up...then down...then faster, butt up and then sit down... and then slowing down...don't forget to drink...then "Pick up the speed again people!!!"...so ok, you get the jist of it.

It was great, and I'll deffinetely go again.  Possibly even Saturday morning actually.  That class just rocked it for me and I am so pumped again...I feel like I got my mojo back!

To give you an idea of what the class might have looked like...see below.

So another fun little tid bit...I finally got a few pics of my new kicks that are here to stay.  Working out well for me, very comfy and compatible with my orthotics which is very convenient.  I've always had a shoe fetish, but now it's been taken to another level.  I want a new pair of runners for each day of the week.  I can't get enough...of course that will not happen as long as I'm married...lol  But it's fun to dream.

Here are my new Puppies.  :)


  1. Great job on the spin class. I want to try it as well, but am still afraid I won't be able to keep up and will need to do the walk of shame.... out of the class- haha

  2. WOW! That sounds intense! Good for you T!!! So proud of you.

  3. I will never forget how much I puked after my first spin class - I didn't even get the stall door closed. Happy you tried it and loved it...XO

  4. Oh Sharon, you have to try it...you can go at your pace, it's such a great class. And you know what, it gets easier every time you go!

    Thanks Jan! XOX I love your comments and support! You are a sweet friend.

    Thanks Amanda, I remember you told me about that. Thank god I didn't puke!