Monday, October 25, 2010

Uck Mondays

Good afternoon! 
Well I had a nice weekend with plenty of activity. 
Saturday morning got up and hit the gym by 9:30am.  I managed to do 40 mins on the bike, 20 on the eliptical and 5 on the rower.  I did 20 mins of Abs but skipped arms. 
My eating was good as well.  Saturday morning for breakfast I had 2 hardboiled eggs with a small peice of ham.  Lunch Marty and I hit a vegetarian restaurant downtown London called Veg Out! I had the tofu panini, well half of it, and then the other half I shared Martys bean burger.  It was good, but a bit soggy, the bean burger that is.  We had a later Supper on Saturday...wasn't the best, but had corn chips in the over with LOTS of veggies and a bit of cheese...yes I guess you can say we had a Nacho...but minus all the fatty cheese that you would get in a restaurant and meet. 
Sunday, went for a nice hour long walk with Logan.  (babysat for my friend while she was in town for a photoshoot).  For breakfast I had Steelcut oats with skim milk and a bit of brown sugar.  For lunch, whole wheat spaghetti (small portion) with olive oil, pesto and vinegar made into a dressing..with cut up tomatoes and cucumbers.  Along with that had a Tuna sandwich.  For Supper, a peice of chicken breast, lightly tossed in Panko break crumbs and baked. 

I didn't drink nearly as much water as I should have, a bit disappointed in myself, but I'll get it.

How was your weekend? 

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