Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I forgot how good it felt!

Ok, so today was a not so bad day.  Got up, got ready for work and off I went.  I have been getting ride with Marty, since he's been off.  I REALLY need to get out of that habit.  It's just so nice to not have to walk in the morning.  My goal for next week, work out before work. 

Breakfast: 2 peices of Whole Wheat toast, with a peice of cheddar cheese and a Vanilla Earl Grey tea with skim milk and raw sugar.  My toasts were lightly buttered with butter.
Mid morning snack: Kiwi
Lunch: Whole Wheat couscous, with diced tomatoes and cucumbers, 3 peices of leftover pork from last nights supper.  Grapes and Rasberries with a large tablespoon of cottage cheese.
Afternoon Snack: Banana
Supper: Whole Wheat fettucini, with whole tomatoes made into a sauce with chopped fresh garlic, onion, mushrooms and green peppers, with chopped lean beef added, 1/3 cup of shredded cheddar cheese topped.
Evening snack: Timmies, large 2 milk 1 sugar, 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese and a handful of almonds.  And then to sabotage myself, I had a small brownie.   I had them in the freezer, and was looking for a sweet snack, that's my problem! Arg! But it is what it is.

On my lunch today with a co-worker I went to an Abs class, also did 10 minutes on the treadmill at speed 3.5 and incline 5%.  Then 10 minutes on the bike at 5.  I walked home from work, which took me 25 minutes. 

You know, that might not have been a hardcore workout, but man, I felt so good afterwards.  Why the hell have I stopped treating myself to this wonderful feeling.  Why have I allowed myself to rob myself of this wonderful feeling...I just don't know why.  But I'll ya, not anymore.  I'm so fucking mad at myself.  But slowly getting over it.  I remember last year when I was working out just before the wedding.  I remember that I was feeling so good.  I'm gonna get back to that feeling.  I will.

It's a short post, but a post none the less.  I will post a current photo of myself soon too.  Stay tuned!

Tanya xox

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  1. good for you T-dot! Keep remembering that feeling when you don't want to do it- it will get you through :)